Huber Cool Beers

Huber Lager

Huber Lager is a premium lager brewed to 4.8% ABV and available in classic American designed 330ml bottles. Originally brewed some 65 years ago by Joseph Huber, it is still brewed in the same time honoured tradition. The finest malted barley is selected from crops grown locally and combined with the finest Pacific hops. This meticulous selection accounts for the fresh, clean taste of this thirst quenching beer. It has a mild, malty aroma with some floral hoppy notes. A good German-style American Original Lager.

Huber Lager - premium lager

Huber Bock

Huber Bock craft beer is 5.5% ABV and a silver medallist at the World Beer Championships. Bock is a bottom-fermented lager with an extra month’s lagering, allowing it to mature and mellow with age. This results in a perfect, creamy texture and a rich opulent flavour that will have customers coming back for more. It’s brewed with brewer’s 2-row malt, carapils malt, black malt and domestic hops. This results in a drier beer than is typical of the Bocks from Bavaria. When poured it is a rich dark brown, turning to an attractive ruby when held to the light. Taste wise it combines a hint of rich coffee with mocha cocoa and is smooth and robust.

Huber Bock craft beer

Huber Beers Specifications

Case: 24 x 330ml Case: 12 x 330ml 24 x 330ml
Pallet: 60 cases Pallet: 108 cases 60 cases
Cases per layer: 10 cases Cases per layer: 18 cases 10 cases
Pallet Dimension: 100x120x156cm Pallet Dimension: 100x120x156cm 100x120x156cm
Case Weight: 13.8kilos Case Weight: 7.0kilos 13.8kilos
Pallet Weight: 855kilos Pallet Weight: 785kilos 855kilos