Huber Cool History

Huber’s been around a long time, a real testament to its quality. Today Huber is still brewed in the oldest brewery in Wisconsin, in the USA’s Midwest and the second oldest in the USA. Immigrants from Germany and Switzerland who brought European style beers to America founded Huber in 1845. Traditional techniques are still employed today and in line with German tradition there are no artificial additives or colourings. Huber’s long and illustrious history has ensured it is the 10th largest brewery in the USA today.

Joseph Huber

The man to thank for the Huber beers as we know and love them today in the USA is Joseph Huber. He was a war hero in the First World War and worked in the Blumer Brewing Company, as it was originally known, until he bought the brewery in 1947. Originally a native of Germany he is fondly remembered in Wisconsin as someone who was active in the community and a hard working true entrepreneur with a friendly demeanour. Huber Lager and Huber Bock were introduced to the world in 1947 thanks to Joseph Huber and they are still going strong today.

Joseph Huber - the founder of Huber Beer

The Blumer Brewery where Huber Beer is produced